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How and when the Sikh Welfare Society was Established

For sometime an idea was being discussed among a small group of friends that Waheguru has blessed us in many ways, and we should do something charitable for people less fortunate than ourselves.  Everyone was clear that whatever we do it must not have any political connotation to it.  

During the 2005 Christmas period, 40-50 close friends met for lunch and discussed the idea of doing something to ‘give back’ to society and help those less fortunate than us.  At this point we were not clear the precise form in which we would do this, however the response and feedback within the group was positive and everyone agreed that this is something that we should do.

To take the idea forward we began meeting regularly and having brainstorming sessions to discuss how to shape the vision into a practical operation.  Following a number of productive meetings we agreed to hold medical camps in Panjab, particularly in the border areas, where the help was most required.  We drafted a constitution and formally put in a place an Executive Committee comprising of 25 members.

It was agreed by the Executive Committee that all funding of the camps and any other form of charitable work would be self funded by the members of the executive committee.  All funds collected would be spent on the charity work and any travel expenses incurred by members attending the medical camps in India would be paid by the members themselves. 

With the Executive Committee set up and constitution in place it was now time to launch the society.  On Friday 18th of April 2008, a function was organised at Carlton House, 501 High Road, Ilford, Essex IG11TL to launch the ‘SIKH WELFARE SOCIETY.’  All the local dignitaries were invited and the society was officially launched.

Since the launch in 2008, medical camps have been held in:

·         Bhuna, Distt Fatehbad, Haryana,

·         Moonak, Distt Sangrur,

·         Ramdas, Near Dera Baba Nanak, Amritsar,

·         Ferozepur

·         Mamdot

We have organised over 2000 cataract operations, treated thousands of individuals with skin diseases, diagnosed heart problems, orthopaedic problems, and cancer.  The society has also paid for 21 poor couples weddings.  We have also distributed over 20000 books in England, Europe and Panjab, to show what the society has achieved so far and what it plans to do going forward.  The Society also supports the local Mayor’s charity and this year it also paid for clothing and sleeping bags for the homeless in the bitter cold months of the year.

The Executive Committee is satisfied with the progress so far but there is lot more to do.

May WAHEGURU grant strength and wisdom to the SWS members to keep this good work going.

Aims and Objectives  of Society

1. To promote the physical health of the Public by providing Medical help i.e. Eye camps, Medical camps and Cancer awareness / Diagnostic camps in the rural parts of India.

2. To support charitable causes by donating funds to established and registered charities in UK

3. To advance the education of the Public by creating awareness and knowledge about the Sikh religion especially among young Sikhs.




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